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Add random example

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from random import Random
from pydtn import Network, Node, random_trace, random_traffic
class RandomNode(Node):
def __init__(self, seed=None, **options):
self.random = Random(seed)
def forward(self, packet):
neighbours = list(self.neighbours)
if neighbours:
target = self.random.choice(neighbours)
return {target: 'random'}
return {}
def main():
nodes = 50
seed = 42
traffic_speed = 1
node_options = {
'seed': seed,
'tick_rate': 1,
nodes = {
node_id: RandomNode(**node_options)
for node_id in range(nodes)
trace = random_trace(nodes, seed=seed)
traffic = random_traffic(nodes, speed=traffic_speed, seed=seed)
network = Network(nodes, traffic=traffic, trace=trace)
# run simulation for 500 ticks
if __name__ == '__main__':
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