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****Attention Monitor System*********
Attention Monitor System will Detect following features
- Detect you face
- mouse and keyboard events
- mouse location
- obscurdness of the screen
- active screen
- location of all the windows
All the libraries required to build this project are included in this project. ( You might will have to update the .NET framework)
I used Visual Studio 2015 to create the project.
To Build the project,
1) open FaceDetectionMain.sln
2) Build the solution by pressing ( Ctrl + Shift + B ) or Build -> Build Solution.
3) Run the FaceDetectionServer
4) If you want to see the client Example , You can run that by going to project Folder called FaceDetection
a) then go FaceDetection/FaceDetectionClientConsole/bin/Debug/FaceDetectionClientConsole.exe
Things I used while creating this project.
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