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# 370 Group Project
How to Run
- Open project
- Install pandas and plotly packages (have to show us how to add it to the project)
- May have to go into settings to add a package to the project for pandas (Photos at bottom of milestone)
- Select and run it
We had a reoccuring and awful build issue that causes a Fatal Python Error and could not get it resolved before our final build date.
I will leave the in this drive to take a look at the code and run the program
Steps to play:
- Open the project in PyCharm
- Packages to download
- PyQt5 version 5.14.2
- PyQtWebEngine version 5.14.2
- Pandas version 1.0.3
- Plotly version 4.6.0
- Dash version 1.10.0
- Navigate to
- Run
What to Test
- Click on each of the three buttons and see console for basic functionality
- Clicking Simulation should create an interactable graph of dates and value
- Clicking Portfolio will query the user table for names
- Clicking Learning will show all the stock names
What exists in the project
- A database (model), a MainMenuView (view), and a stubbed controller (controller)
- We currently are hardcoding our data into the database but will grab from an outside source in the future.
- Our view currently calls print statements instead of the controller methods because they are only stubs.
To Test the Program
- We wanted to make sure that anywhere that a user could give the system a value that we check it.
- Glossary section will return a helpful message that the item is not in the glossary
- Buy area: Putting in invalid values will result in a message appearing
Trying to buy more stocks than you can afford will give an error message
- Sell area: Giving the system an incorrect transaction number will produce an error message
Trying to sell more stocks than you have will produce an error message
Incorrect values will produce an error message
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